A wide selection of Sofa Throws and Throwovers

A whole new look, as simple as can be.

If you have a tiring piece of furniture like a sofa or something that needs covering for protection from dust and hair, like your bed, then a throwover is just the thing. With a suitable throw, you can transform the whole look of your furniture, whether it is to hide the worn-out spots or to help match your new colour scheme. These throws come in a wide range of fabrics and colours and can either make your sofa look inconspicuous, or draw attention to it with a dazzling colour or style. When choosing a throw, ensure that you have a large enough size to both cover the furniture and also allow sufficient overlap at the front, back and sides. If your furniture is against a wall, you can get away with just a slight overlap at the back.

If you have pets in the house, then a good quality washable throw can protect your furniture both from muddy paws and claws and also provide an easily removable protection against pet hair and dander which can cause an allergic reaction. Instead of having to have a professional fabric cleaner to clean your sofa, you can simply remove the throw and literally throw it in the washing machine.

Today's Top Throws

F&F Home Diamond Cotton Throw - Duck Egg
F&F Home Diamond Cotton Throw - Natural
Tesco chenille throw- duck egg 125x160cm
Skye Pure New Wool Check Throw, Sage
Dorma Regency Duck Egg Quilted Throw Duck Egg Blue
Dunelm Chunky Knit Throw Grey
Dorma Maldon Natural Wool Throw Light Brown / Natu
Tesco chenille throw green 125x160cm
Tesco Chenille Throw, Mocha
Dunelm Cream Chenille Spot Throw Cream
Dorma Aveline Natural Quilted Throw Light Brown /
Tesco Chenille Throw- Stone 125x160cm
Habitat Edric Multi-coloured wool and silk throw
F&F Home Leopard Faux Fur Throw Chocolate
F&F home Ribbed Faux Fur Throw - Chocolate
F&F Home Rose Faux Fur Throw 150X170Cm - Mink
F&F Home Rose Faux Fur Throw 200X230Cm - Cream
F&F Home Rose Faux Fur Throw 150X170Cm- Cream
Tesco ribbed faux fur throw mink
F&F Home Super Soft Throw - Cream